abandoned theater

8 thoughts on “abandoned theater

  1. Oh hey, me again, I guess maybe my other comment didn’t make it through for whatever reason…

    I said that I am going to have to visit the theater soon and get a few HDR pics myself!

    I’ve posted some of my HDR Photo’s on my blogs, http // needfoc.us and jason.green.cx

    Good work on the photos, keep up the good work!

    • ya i thought the site allowed comments without me having to approve them. i am going to have to look at my settings. anytime you wanna head out there to take pictures shoot me a email at greg.chamblee@gmail.com and we can head out there together. always looking for others interested in taking pictures of things nobody else seems to think of.

  2. I was at the theater today 8nov2010 and it was pretty creepy, but a really nice piece of history though it is getting pretty bad! For the other post, it is on 4th Ave which is the main entrance to the Chaffee Redevelopment district off of Hwy 22. Just go straight south and it’s on the right.

  3. I really like your work and I am creating a poster for a high school play (im a student) and i would like to know if you would give me permission to use your work in said poster. Its for non-profit so I can’t pay you but I would appreciate it if you would let me use the wide angle faceing out from the stage for a ad running in a local flyer. If you could reply to this as soon as possible that would be great.

    Sincerely, Nicholas Lewanowicz

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